Drawing from real-life experiences I saw that not every person gets access to music tuition or can afford the rising instrument and lesson costs. Why should this be a barrier to enjoying and learning more about music? Music Without Bars (MWB) was born out of a vision to open the understanding of music to children and adults of any age and any ability without the necessity of learning an instrument.

MWB offers tailored workshops to schools and organisations across the country - from primary children to adults and young musicians to established groups and bands. MWB has also been designed to help schools embrace Curriculum markers and assist organisations in meeting learning targets in an innovative and fun approach to music.

MWB education includes:

  1. -Various music and art packs plus tailored content on offer

  2. -Includes Curriculum For Excellence school markers

  3. -Project/Organisation tie-in

  4. -Themed content (music-making, dance, new media, cultural, heritage etc.)

  5. -Bolt-ons and enterprise topics

  6. -Talks and lectures

  7. -Clear costing structure

  8. -Block savings & multiple booking deals

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Robert Aitken

composer - producer - music & media educator

MWB Education

Burkers & Noddies
During the 19th Century medical students at Marischal College in Aberdeen required bodies for their anatomy dissection. This is the story of the body snatchers, locally known as Burkers and Noddies, who supplied those gruesome needs. Click here to view film

This music was made with the help of P6 & P7 pupils at Kingsford School, Aberdeen

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