Music Without Bars

Music Without Bars now offers various media services to aid events, festivals, businesses, individuals and organisations in the delivery of a variety of products and services. I’ve taken my many years experience as Artistic Director of Piping Arts Limited as a catalyst to give clients the true picture when it comes to devising and marketing you and your enterprise in 2012.

The majority of advice in a business promoting context is based upon multi-national and large corporate sources. This issue here is that most enterprises are not set up to comply with such systems. New technology media now sees the PR and marketing rulebook rewritten as precise targeting becomes the way forward.

There are truly low cost methods to reach those who will find what you have to offer of use, all using your existing contacts and information. Find out how with MWB Media.

Robert Aitken

composer - producer - music & media educator

MWB Media case file:
Smartphone ivoucher

New technology media has become the most significant development in PR and Marketing in recent years. Precise targeting use can not only save you enormous amounts of money but valuable time and resources.

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MWB Media:

  1. -Sound effects

  2. -Recorded interviews

  3. -Smartphone and ivouchers

  4. -MWB Pro Bolt-ons and enterprise generators

  5. -ebooks

  6. -podcasts

  7. -online radio broadcasts

  8. -Online videos and Youtube clips

  9. -Design and print service

  10. -Logos, flyers & event literature

  11. -Talks and lectures

MWB Media case file:
Event flyer detail